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This is a collaboration hoody with SAP CHANO, a world-famous photographer who follows SAP EUR.
The back is a photograph of SAREUR taken by SAP CHANO, and the front is printed with the MUSK ROCKS logo.
It is a durable and very warm hoody that uses air jet spun yarn that has a soft feel and suppresses the generation of pills.

The message of peace in Sape, "I won't fight because my clothes get dirty," is the world peace that MUSKROCKS advocates, and I'm just grateful for the realization of this collaboration.
I hope that this message of peace will reach the hearts of many people and approach world peace.

* "SAPEUR" is a pacifist and elegant person who walks around the town in light steps, dressed in a luxury brand suit, in Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world, despite a monthly income of about 30,000 yen. is.

[Materials and specifications]

• 50% cotton, 50% polyester

• Air jet spun yarn

• Front pouch pocket


Sales Tax Included
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